New Single - Pin Ball Kid

Dave Whiffin - Pin Ball Kid - Artwork

My new single, "Pin Ball Kid" is out now on all digital platforms.

I have had loads of help from friends (old and new) and I can't thank them enough.


  • Dave : Vocals, guitars, mixing
  • Steve White (Paul Weller, Style Council): Drums
  • John Dawson : Bass
  • Liam Fender : Hammond
  • Kerry Green : Backing Vocals
  • Jen Normandale : Backing Vocals
  • Ed Wood : Mastering
  • Michael Bailey: Artwork

New EP "Behind The Screen" due shortly

The new EP will include 4 or 5 of my latest compositions.

Each song features Steve White on drums (Paul Weller, Style Council) who was an honour to play with and to deal with.

There's great bass playing from John Dawson and Neil Harland and top notch hammond from Liam Fender.

And.. because it's me... there's quite a lot of guitar playing!

For more a track list and credits go to the music page

Salt and Pepper EP Available Now

I have re-released an EP featuring the best from the Salt and Pepper album.

Use the links above to preview or buy.

Track Listing

  1. Be Yourself
  2. Don't You Worry
  3. Now That It's Over
  4. Miracle Of Mine
  5. Life's A Jewel
  6. Call Off The Search


Thanks go to everyone listed here, there are favours due to all!


  • Paul Smith: Drums and Perc
  • Deon Krishnan: Bass Guitar
  • Les Watts: Keyboards, Piano, Hammond
  • Dave Whiffin: Songwriter, Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals


  • Paul Edis: Arrangements, Alto Sax and Flute
  • Steve Clifford: Alto and Tenor Sax
  • Mark Web: Trumpet
  • Alex Leathard: Trombone

Backing Vocals

  • Kerry Green
  • Dave Lamb

Special Guests

  • Jim Hornsby - Lap Steel


  • Blast Recording: Recording Studio For Tracking
  • Adam Sinclair: Tracking Engineer and Production Advice
  • Thomas McLaughlin: Mastering
  • Alistair McGranaghan: Album Artwork
  • Dave Whiffin: Mixing
Salt and Pepper Album Cover band tracking Deon Krishnan Les Watts Paul Edis  07974 244 105