I play and have played a range of stuff! Like most guitarists I go through phases of gear acquisition sydrome, but lately I am trying to restrict myself to equipment that I use regularly.


  • Custom Audio (Suhr) PT100 (MK1 amp)
  • Carr Sportsman Combo
  • Zilla 2x12 with Celestion G12M Creambacks
  • PRS Silver Sky (John Mayer Signature) Guitar
  • Gibson CS-356
  • Alan Dingwall custom t-type
  • Fender Strat Plus (circa 1986)
  • Martin 000-18E Retro
  • Gibson Advanced Jumbo - Luthiers Choice (Madagascar body, ebony fretboard)
  • TC Flashback X4 Delay
  • J Rocket 45, Blue Note, Archer
  • MXR analog chorus
  • Origin Effects SlideRig

Studio Stuff

  • Audio Technica AT4047 mic
  • Audio Techica AT4050 mic
  • Neve 1073DPA preamp
  • Focal Solo 6 Monitors

From the past!

  • Bogner 20th Anniversary Shiva Head
  • Soldano SLO-100 Head
  • Amp - Fender Twin (Combo converted into a head)
  • Zilla cab with Celestion G12 Century
  • Zilla Cab with EVM12L's
  • Fender Eric Johnson Strat
  • Gibson BB King Lucille
  • Martin 00028
  • Vox Wha
  • TC Chorus
  • TC Nova Reverb
  • TC Nova Delay
  • MXR Phaser Reissue
  • MXR Analog Delay
  • Lehle Dual ABY Switching Box
  • Butler Tube Driver
Dave Whiffin's amp rig
Dave's Eric Johnson Signature Strat Dave's Studio Setup For Tracking Salt and Pepper Dave's Gibson Lucille Vocal Mic - Wagner U47
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