Previous Bands

The Dave Whiffin Band

Featured John Dawson and Ian Halford who together with Dave provided a classic rock trio. Playing mainly covers around the North East pubs the band lasted for around 5 years before taking a break.

The Russ Tippins Electric Band

Ian and John provide the backbone of Russ's band. Russ is an incredibly talented guitarist and singer. Russ's web site

The Crosby Brothers

From time to time Dave plays with Roger and Ben Crosby. Good time rock and roll for all!

The Les Watts Band

I have played with Les constantly in a few different lineups since I was 18. We have had a very successful function band "The Watts n Whiffin Band" (more recently called "The DW Band") in addition to the eclectic "Les Watts Band" where we played mostly in pubs. Les's passion for Steely Dan certainly taught me a few new chords!

The Gift (1999 - 2003)

  • Richard Naisbett - Keyboards
  • Les Watts - Keyboards
  • Dave Lamb - Bass / Vocals
  • Deon Krishnan - Bass
  • Brett Amin - Drums
  • Steve Vine - Drums
  • Simon Ferry - Drums
  • Roy Pearson - Drums

Whilst still enjoying playing with Feeler I missed not having a keyboard player and wanted a bit more variety in the choice of music I could play. The Gift did concentrate on covers but I took the chance wherever I could to get the band members to appear on my recordings. We gigged regularly at first but work commitments got in the way for most of the musicians, whilst I wanted to spend more time writing and recording.

Feeler (1999 - 2001)

  • Paul Kilford - Bass
  • Brett Amin - Drums

Feeler developed from Crossroads and were primarily a three piece rock trio. We decided the Crossroads name was too blues based for us. In Feeler we concentrated on writing and playing original songs with a good dose of covers thrown in. We continued to gig 2 times a week for two years and produced the album "Second Time Around" which we managed to sell an awful lot of! (this was despite the cd duplication company sending us 500 cd's full of spanish themetunes covered in our logo!) We enlisted Simon Donald of the comic Viz to do our front cover.

Crossroads (1995 - 1999)

  • Dave Lamb - Bass / Vocals
  • Brett Amin - Drums
  • Geoff Smithson - Guitar

I formed Crossroads when I left sixth form college. We started out as a vintage rock covers band playing a lot of Cream, ZZ Top and Free. However we started writing songs and released 2 albums of original material ('Its Not Our Fault' and the self titled 'Crossroads' . Our greatest strength was gigging - which we did a lot of! We averaged 3 gigs a week for almost 4 years around the North East pub circuit. We also appeared at the Heineken music festival and appeared on TV 3 times. I had an on air interview with Virgin shock jock Nick who loved the "Its Not Our Fault" album. We also had the dubious honour of BBC1's Steve Wright canning one of our songs on air on his primetime breakfast show (his mates on the production team really liked the song though!)

Songwriting contributions from Jayne Armstrong and Peter Goode an old mate from uni.

My Influences

Here is a selection of the my main influences - there's loads more, but I'm sure you'll make your own mind up what my influences are when you listen to ...  I've included links to the various websites where I could find them.

The Dave Whiffin Band
Feeler - Second Time Around Album Cover
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